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Hi all and welcome to Holy Ret. A little blog about my Blood Elf paladin Tomkr and his adventures. I have been working hard at leveling him for a while now getting him from about 50 to 65 in the last month. Before that I got a hunter (yeah a hunter) to 80 and did some heroics and a tiny bit of PUG raiding.

With dual specs on the horizon and the frustration of never being able to find a healer, one of my specs will be Holy. On the other hand the hunter in me loves to dps so my second spec will be prot. No, just kidding, Retribution of course.

I originally rolled my paladin to be a tank. I’d played a pally before for a couple of levels on a trial account, and had a bunch of characters on my real account now, but I had never started a character purposely for a specific role. I started as ret, and somewhere in the 30s I went prot. I even tanked one or two instances with him. This was of course back in the day when seals were half a minute and there was one Judgement spell.

However tanking at the time was not what I was looking for, and I was working harder at leveling my hunter, who had entrenched himself as my first real main. At the same time though I always wanted to try healing, and have leveled all healer classes to some extent in an effort to get an endgame healer. At some point I had a level 8 shaman, 18 priest, and 28 druid and amazingly enough a Paladin sitting comfortably at 38 (don’t ask me where all the 8’s come from, I have no idea).

After hitting 80 and having too many PUGs dissolve because there was no healer, I concluded it was time to dust off one of my x8’s and the choice to get my Pally going was easily made (he was closest to the cap). I had gotten him to around 48 (seriously) just before WotLK hit, and over a few weeks of concerted effort I have been getting him through the last Old World levels and into Outland. I had given up on prot by that time and was smashing face as ret. Leveling was going ok, especially as I made some solid plans and read more about specs and “rotations”. Getting 30 minute seals didn’t make my life any harder either.

Now I’m sitting at 65, have respecced to Holy in order to run some instances and practice healing. Questing hasn’t been too bad and I’m going up at a nice speed. I will hit Northrend soon enough.

A little about my playstyle; I split my time between soloing and (mostly heroic) instances on the hunter. I have dipped my toes in raiding, but have not yet found a nice spot in my real life schedule. When not playing I enjoy strolling around the wow blogosphere. So this my contribution. I hope you enjoy it.


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