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Rolling a healer


090403-rolling-a-healerAs stated in my welcome post, one of the reasons I am leveling a healer is because of the lack of healers PUGing heroics (at least on my server). Now I often hear people saying that you should play the role you like, not what seems necessary. Sound advice, but I decided to go against it anyway.

Why? Because I love running instances.

I’d rather heal 10 instances then dps in 5, even if I would enjoy dps more. Now I am not claiming I prefer dps, because I have not healed that much yet. The point is that doing what you enjoy can be bigger than just what role you want to play. So for me the ability to do more dungeons would outweigh the fact that I can’t shoot stuff.

Now I must say I have greatly enjoyed healing so far. Actually, if I am honest healing is probably what got me hooked on this game. I had a trial account and I entered my first instance (Deadmines on a Night Elf Druid *shudder*) and was asked to heal. I was completely clueless as to what I was doing, but I loved it. I think it was then that I decided I needed to get a real account and run lots dungeons.

Of course I spent most of my time soloing as I leveled my many characters, but I made sure to set aside some time and go into dungeons on each of them. I simply loved it more than anything else. But on Tomkr getting into the early Outland instances has been easy and healing through them has been very frustrating, in a fun way. I am still slightly clueless, but have more experience with group dynamics and dps that pull aggro (hunter, remember). So far only one complete wipe in 5 runs.

In the end though I feel that making my way through dungeons, killing trash and smashing bosses is where I find my enjoyment, whether I am healing or actually dishing out the pain.

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