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Holy leveling


My Holy build

My Holy build

I decided to respec to Holy at level 61. I was in town anyway to grab my epic ground mount, and I had decided that I needed to practice healing skills if I wanted to be Holy at 80. So I left behind my Divine Storming ways (which I had just started) and began Holy Shocking things to death. As you see my build is aimed at doing some dps, with 8 second judgment cooldowns and lots of crit (which is of course also great for healing). And picking up Intellect gear means I can Consecrate more often without running out of mana.

So how am I do doing damage wise? Not great, I’ll be honest. But it’s not horribly far off from when I was questing in Ret spec. Holy Shock does a decent amount of damage and I am definitely more liberal with my Consecrates. My Judgments are laughable though. All in all I find I have not slowed down too much compared to going around as Ret. That said, I can imagine at lower levels your damage will suffer a lot, as you don’t have Holy Shock.

The big increase in leveling for me has been healing dungeons. I ran through the Hellfire Citadel and Coilfang Reservoir instances a few times and altogether that must have gotten me up about a level and a half. I was halfway through 64 and still questing in Hellfire Peninsula, because of the xp I had gained from instances. And getting groups has indeed been quite easy.

Currently my questing has slowed down a bit because I was working on some other things, but I am about 1/3 through level 66, and expect to hit Northrend this week. I have been very satisfied at the pace at which I have gone through Outland. So once you pass 60, Holy leveling is quite possible.

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