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Secondary skills


During the leveling process I decided it would be good to work on my professions. Now Tomkr is a miner/skinner, mostly because he’s gathering stuff for my other characters, and making a bit of spare cash. And I have no trouble leveling those. Especially skinning is something that just seems to happen naturally as I kill all those aggressive animals. And every time I see a yellow dot on my minimap I get excited at the prospect of making some gold.
Secondary professions are a whole different story.
My main has very low fishing skills and didn’t start doing serious cooking and first aiding until he was around the level cap. Why did this happen? I see two reasons for this:
1) The problem with these skills is that you have to actively go and do them. They don’t just happen while you’re questing, like gathering skills.
I suppose the crafting skills are sort of similar, but you get to make stuff you can wear or use, which I did enjoy. Although I didn’t always keep my leatherworking up to date either. The problem that secondary skills have though is that at times you have to go way out of your way to buy a book and level your skill. It just doesn’t fit into the flow of the game.
2) They’re boring. Now this is a personal problem for me, I realize that, as plenty of people enjoy it. I find them to be a drag, especially fishing. The time I spend getting the skill up, I can run some instances or get some quests done, which I enjoy a lot more.

Now for Tomkr I have made the decision to get it “right”, and level fishing/cooking/first aid as I go along (which is honestly way to late already, but ok). This saves me some time having to go back and powerlevel some stuff, and I get to have food buffs and good bandages while leveling, making it hopefully even smoother. I will dedicate a post to each of these three professions in the near future to share some more of my experiences with them.

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