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I made it to Northrend this weekend. I hit 68 just after a run through mana tombs where I was off-healing/off-dpsing. Needless to say our four-man group owned that dungeon. I handed in the quest to kill the Prince guy after coming out and there I was, all level 68. I ran to Shatrath, portaled to Orgrimmar, forgot to buy skills and jumped on the zeppelin to Borean Tundra.

Why Borean Tundra? Firstly because it contains the better Holy gear (from quests). Secondly because my hunter had started in Howling Fjord, and I wanted to experience the west side of Northrend as a fresh arrival this time.

I haven’t been sitting still since. I quested my way all around Warsong Hold and have just dinged 70. In between the questing was also a Nexus run (my first Northrend dungeon as a healer), which was not all uneventful. I was still carrying a load of Outland gear, wasn’t even 70 yet, and to top it all off our tank was a recently respecced DK who was doing his first run as a tank. Sounded like a solid setup.

The problems started before we even entered the dungeon, as I was too low level to be summoned, and did not have the flightpoint in Coldarra yet. A warlock main was brought in (anyone desperate for healers) and I was summoned into the Nexus. The run was mostly smooth with some deaths here and there, mostly when I was still drinking. Grand Magus Telestra was chaos and two dps died during the split, but she went down. Perhaps those Ret pallies can do some self-healing next time? Anomalus actually went really smooth.

Now the inexperienced tank caused a wipe during Ormorok, by not using a cooldown on the frenzy, which I could not heal through with my slowish heals. On the second try all went well though, and we downed him. Keristrasza was more problematic and caused a few wipes. First some things went wrong tactically a few times, with someone standing still for too long, or the tank moving too much. But we kept trying, and it was still hard for me to keep the tank up. In the end one of the Ret pallies helped with the healing. The tank still fell, but we had gotten the dragon down far enough and I had managed my first Northrend dungeon.

And I got a new pair of shoes to look forward to.

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