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3.1 hit my server today (I’m in the EU). I tested it for about 5 minutes and it looked pretty unstable, but maybe it was just my pc, which occasionally has issues. I’ll try to actually get dual-specced tomorrow and start living up to the name of this blog. I have my specs pretty much planned out, although I am not completely sure yet which way to go with the spare Ret points we seem to have. I’m currently thinking about of going for Aura Mastery.

I healed Utgarde Keep yesterday, which had some trouble, especially at Skarvald and Dalronn. Let’s just say it took two wipes, and made me very happy to have respecced full holy to get Beacon of Light. I am still getting to terms with using all my cooldowns at a good time, but I managed in the end.

Now we went into UK with 2 healers, as a Holy Priest was added after I had joined (noting that I was a healer). We killed Prince Keleseth after a horrifyingly long fight which left both me and the other healer totally OOM. After the fight one of the dps said “good that we have two healers”, to which I replied “no way, with an extra dps he would have gone down a lot faster, and it’ll probably be hard to get the remaining bosses without an extra dps, but let’s try”. I don’t see anything offensive in that, and I believe it to be true. Note though that I said it would be hard, not impossible. Apparently though, the other healer did not like me saying that, told us he would leave and went off. I contacted him saying I had not meant it personally, but got no response. I felt a little awkward, but don’t think I did anything wrong. And after breezing through most of the instance, I still stand by my comment, although we probably would have made it with two healers and low dps.

Oh, we brought in an 80 main of one of the guys to tank Ingvar, but that was really only because someone had to leave. We would have one-shotted him if not for two dps and the tank getting Smashed at the same time. But that’s what you get from running with 3 warriors and 2 pallies. Melee dps, I’m re-joining your ranks soon.

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