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This post was backdated to March by mistake, and was written before I realized what all the 3.1 fishing changes were. Expect an update to this soon.

090417-fishingI introduced my feelings about secondary skills in a previous post. I just want to go through each of them and specify what I do and do not enjoy about it. To that end I decided to start with fishing, since the list of positive points is very brief in my mind.

What’s good about it?

  • You get food (with buffs)
  • You can make some gold from it
  • You can fish up some funny (or silly) stuff
  • It helps you level cooking

What’s bad about it?

  • It’s boring. You sit around watching water and clicking a bobber. Good music is highly recommended.
  • It takes a lot of time to level even just one point after a while.
  • It’s boring.
  • You get really bored from it.

So altogether you can get some useful stuff from fishing , but it comes at the cost of hogging up a lot of time. Now some people may find this relaxing, I really feel it takes a lot of time away from questing. This critique I leveled at secondary skills in general is most applicable to fishing. You can at least gather some of the resources you need for cooking and first aid while leveling. Fishing is a whole different ballgame. It’s either fish or level, with no gray area. The best you can do is fish somewhere that builds up rested bonus.

Seeing as it comes at this cost (at least I see it as a cost) perhaps the leveling process could be sped up. I have been thinking that the bait system might be used to cut the “channeling” time in half, so you can fish up more fish in the same time at a small cost. This would be ideal for powerleveling purposes. Maybe you should make these only work in starter areas, so the fishing purists still need to invest time for their exotic fish, and so it’s market value does not drop too much.

The alternative is of course not to go fishing, which served me well on my Hunter, but for my Paladin I wanted to get the most diversity in food buffs available, as well as do the new 3.1 fishing dailies. So I will have to suffer for a while longer. At least I will get a new appreciation for my cd collection.

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