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Dual spec


Yes, I am now officially specced both Holy and Ret. Do I enjoy it? Hell yeah! I had fun while questing in Holy spec, but wow, running around killing stuff in 5 seconds is not something that upsets me. I am loving my Ret soloing dps, and am looking forward to maybe trying it in a dungeon some day. However being able to switch to Holy and heal a dungeon also makes me very happy. Yeah, I’ve enjoyed healing a lot so far.

So for my specs bear in mind that Tomkr is only level 70 (almost 71). I consider Holy my primary spec, and it looks like this: 51/10/0. The idea behind it is to go for Improved Devotion Aura at least for running 5 mans. I think the combination of more throughput and more Sacred Shield effectiveness will make me a happy healer. Now when I get into raiding I’ll consider going to all-crit route in order to toss out those massive Holy Lights. For now, this build carries me through dungeons just fine.

My Retribution build is 2/5/54. Why those 2 points in Holy (and the glyph) you ask? Because I really wanted Seal of Righteousness to work. I didn’t like the idea of feedback damage, so I figured I’d at least give it a spin. It’s not like the other talents will help me dps much anyway, and now I can solo with Righteousness up if the feedback becomes to much. So far though, Seal of Blood has been pretty good to me, so I tend to keep it up while soloing. But at least I have the option to do somewhat decent dps without damaging myself. Also, I am looking to get Aura Mastery for the occasional speed and damage boost while soloing.

So, that’s the specs I switch between currently and they have me leveling quicker and running more dungeons and all together it makes me very happy. 1000g well spent, methinks.

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