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Last week I looked at fishing, this week I want to talk about cooking. While it lacks many of the downsides of fishing, I still feel it is not the best way to spend time while leveling. Agains, let’s start with a simple pro-con list.

What’s good about it?

  • Lessening downtime
  • Food buffs
  • Sweet items
  • Ingredients are gathered while questing
  • You can make friends with feasts

What’s bad about it?

  • Is it really that useful?
  • It still takes some time away from questing

The first good thing about food are the buffs, but they don’t really start mattering until the end game. Until then buying food (or even looting it) minimizes your downtime almost as much. While taking up less time to hunt down recipes or ingredients you might need. That said I more see the fun in cooking, as it is more like a crafting profession than an extremely time-consuming gathering profession. And it’s nice to cook up the stuff you gather anyway, but you have to make sure you don’t fall behind.

In the end though, you probably want to level cooking anyway for the nice buffs, especially if you need to get hitcapped early on, and it would be easier to do it while leveling to save you from having to go back through each area.

Maybe it’s because I enjoy cooking in real life, but I think the fun food stuff, especially the chocolate cake (yum, cake). Also whipping up a feast in an instance or BG seems like a fun way to buff your friends. Still, these are endgame things, for which you have to run through the whole leveling process first.

In unrelated news, I’m level 72 and looking forward to 73 this weekend.

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