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090427-noblegardenEggs and bunnies are everywhere, because it’s Noblegarden in Azeroth. I have very fond memories of the Lunar Festival and loved racing around the whole world to get all the Elders. So my hunter proudly sports the Elder title. I wasn’t sure if I was going for the Noblegarden achievements, since I figured I’d rather be leveling. However after plowing through a level and a half (I’m 73 now) I figured I had deserved a little break yesterday.

I’ve only been egg hunting since last night, and I already got over 200 chocolates, so it isn’t too bad. I’m just finishing the egg search first, in order to see if any of the items I need pop up in an egg. Knowing my luck they won’t (I have a load of Spring Circlets), but I did get the flower bouquet. I promptly gave ears to an Orc and a Blood Elf, getting me started on the Shake Your Bunny-Maker achievement.

While I’ve been criticizing the secondary skills for taking time away from leveling, I love the world events. Because they have no real in-game relevance, like food buffs, there is nothing “forcing” you to do them. They are totally different from the normal pace of playing, usually offering more of an exploration theme, and while grinding eggs can get repetitive, it is less of a grind than fishing. At least you know it’ll be over in a week. The timed nature of these events really helps to make them something different than the rest of the game. And randomly turning into bunnies, chasing females with flowers, and wearing silly clothes is wacky. Wacky is good.

Add to that that the “Noble” title really fits a Paladin and I’m sold. I’m off egghunting again.

Check Wowhead for a Noblegarde guide.

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