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Halls of Stone – DPS


I love the Halls of Stone instance because it contains a story inside the dungeon. Not that that really matters when you are throwing Judgments at golems, but it gives the whole dungeon a special feeling. Since I’m still leveling Halls of Stone is a great place to get down some of that last stretch. You get some Relics of Ulduar to boot.

The trash is not too spectacular. If you feel you are having trouble you can use your Repentance on the humanoids. The golem pulls are mostly single, so no crowd control is necessary, or possible. The packs of non-elite Shardlings are a great place for Consecration and Divine Storm, but make sure to let the tank get enough threat. Other than that, just wipe the floor with the iron dwarves.

Maiden of Grief
Whether you do Maiden or Krystallus is usually up to which direction the tank goes in first. Maiden is a fight which relies mostly on positioning. Generally you don’t want to stand in the black circles, as they hurt. This depends on your tank pulling her out of them, which did not happen in my run, so I was trying to stand outside of the parry area while still being able to dps, and not get hurt. I think I took some more of the black circle ticks than I could have, but it could be healed through.
The other thing she does is a stun, which you can just eat up. Just relax for a few seconds. If you want to do the fight completely right, you should make sure you end up in the black circles when you get stunned, as the damage breaks the stun. But there is no real point to doing that on Normal.
The final thing is a Magic debuff which you can Cleanse.
She drops a nice DPS cloak, but it has Agility rather than Strength, so it is not ideal.

The main point of Krystallus is not to be close to each other when he Shatters. Having previously only done him on my Hunter, I was not sure how this would work as melee dps. However if you make sure you are behind or to the side, he will knock you back far enough to not be affected by it. So he went down like a baby.
He drops plate DPS legs, but didn’t when I downed him.

Tribunal of Ages
The Tribunal of Ages is an interesting fight. I know a lot of people dislike it, but I really love it, because it is so different. And the storyline I mentioned already really focuses around this fight. Make sure you avoid the nasty lasers, except the ones that start shooting at start, they hit you anyway for tiny amounts of damage. Make sure your tank has aggro and dps the hell out of anything that moves.
On the other hand this fight can get so messy it is a perfect place to play a hybrid role. Throw out some small (instant) heals to offset laser damage. Or taunt a mob that has managed to sneak by the tank. Be sure to use your whole toolbox for this fight, as it is no regular tank and spank.
No good Ret Paladin loot from this fight unfortunately.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper
There seem to be two general ways to tackle Sjonnir. One is to split up dps to deal with the adds. Usually this is done one dps on the left, one on the right, and one on Sjonnir all the time.
The other way, which we did, is to simply let the adds come to the center, AOE them, and focus on Sjonnir the rest of the time. Your Consecrations help in either case. There are some tricks to the fight with the nature damage you should get out of, but if you manage to quickly blast him down this should not be too much of an issue. At least it wasn’t for us.
Again no Ret Pally gear. Too bad.

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