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Halls of Lightning – DPS


While the storyline doesn’t come until the very end, and is very closely tied up with the Ulduar raid, Halls of Lightning is another instance I greatly enjoy. The sheer epicness of it doesn’t hurt either. The massive open space you start out in, with a huge boss patrolling. Awesome.

My favourite trash packs in the Halls are the Vrykul that sneak up on you in the hallway. Even though you know it after your first run, it still feels cool to me. Also the hallway with the constantly respawning non-elites is fun. A great time to let those AoE’s rip. There’s also some room for CC in the first part of the instance, but be sure to communicate with your tank. I didn’t, and all of a sudden had an agree mob on my tail.

General Bjarngrim
Pulling is the first key thing to this guy, and not something you should have to deal with as dps. Second is staying out of whirlwind. Seriously, that’s the key. Other than that, kill the adds and kill the boss.
This was a really interesting fight for me, as the healer accidentally had downranked spells in his action bar (due to being dual specced). I saw the tank’s health crashing and jumped into the healing fray. I even threw out my Lay on Hands to keep him up. The healer found it out soon after and we had problems for the rest of the instance, but for a moment there I just loved my hybridness.
Drops a dps ring, but it’s agility and haste, so not the most useful.

Something happens with the adds and the shatter, but I’ve never really figured out what happens. It never really got me into trouble either. I just dps him and he dies. All is well.
No useful Ret drops from him, so all in all a somewhat disappointing boss.

I like Ionar. There’s something about the frantic running around that I enjoy. The lightning spiders always get me stressed out. Make sure you move to a safe spot. I usually move all the way down the stairs. However since I was behind Ionar it also works to go upstairs and move around the lightning spider. Besides being careful and moving at the right time, it’s just handing out the pain as always.
If you feel like being the hybrid guy, you can take the running time throw out some Flashes of Light to lift the burden of the healer.
He drops some dps plate shoulders, with a good amount of hit rating and a sweet red socket. Unfortunately the Death Knight got them.

Loken’s main attack is monologue of death, but he carries a great storyline. Especially now with Ulduar being released and the story having some more follow up.
This is another movement fight, with the aura he throws around. Just strafe out and there should not be a problem. Keep up the dps, don’t get hit by the aura and you should be fine.
Nice gloves drop from him, with a yellow socket.

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