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Halls of Stone – Healing


Having gone through each of the fights in this dungeon, I will now touch upon some things I came across with healing. In general I did not have a lot of trouble healing this dungeon, even though I was maybe a little low geared.

Maiden of Grief
As long as everyone stays out of the black circles, this fight should be ok. You can get stunned, so make sure you keep the tank topped off, as you have no Heal over Time spells. You could Hand of Sacrifice the tank before the stun, and the damage should wake you up again (I’ve never tried this), but you have to watch out for the damage you take yourself. With a reasonably geared tank, and good healing before the stun, this should not be necessary.
She drops a nice neck piece for Holy and a ring that is not amazing, but could be an upgrade. Don’t take the ring over someone who needs spirit though.

The main thing to watch out for here is the shatter he does. For yourself, make sure you’re not close to anybody else and be prepared for some burst healing after the shatter. You will get knocked back just before, so make sure you get back into range of the tank if needed. Again you’re a little dependent on the dps watching their positioning, but you can usually save them with some Holy Lights.

Tribunal of Ages
The Tribunal fight is interesting because of the sheer number of mobs, and the probability that some of them will sneak past the tank and start hitting the dps. So you wil at times be healing the whole group.
I Beaconed myself on this fight, to make sure I could stay up even if an add came up to me, without needing to stop healing. A quick Divine Shield also gets mobs off your back. If you do choose to Beacon yourself, you have to refresh it at least once, so make sure you have enough mana during the fight, so use your Divine Illumination.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper
Again a fight with a lot of adds, and more AoE damage from the boss than I anticipated. For me this fight was a little messy, and the tank and one dps went down. Fortunately we almost had him at that point, and I was able to keep up the tanking Rogue long enough.
What I probably should have done was Beacon the tank, so I would not lose both the tank and a dps to the damage spikes I saw. It would have been a lot easier to keep the tank up without having to ignore dps.
We did split up the dps on the adds for this fight, so make sure you stay in range of everyone if you do that.
SJonnit drops some sweet pants with nice crit rating.

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