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Halls of Lightning – Healing


The last installment of my posts about the two normal 5-man Ulduar instances is one about healing Halls of Lightning. There are some interesting points for healing, but they are mostly found in the later battles.

General Bjarngrim
There’s not a whole lot special about healing on the General. Make sure to keep the tank up and be wary of any melee dps that might eat a whirlwind.

Again, the mechanics of this boss have never forced me to do anything special. You should stay away from the adds, and be prepared for some damage spikes, but usually it does not come to that for me.
Volkhan drops a cloak with intellect, but it has hit rating, so it is really for magic dps.

Ionar is the first fight that can get a little tricky. You may have to move when he debuffs you so that you damage nearby friends. But make sure you stay within line of sight of the tank at least.
When Ionar splits run away, as usual, and throw a Holy Shock in case someone does get hit by a lightning spider. Once you are relatively safe you can top off everyone, or take some time to Divine Plea if mana is becoming an issue.
A plate belt with intellect and crit rating is among his rewards.

My strategy for Loken has me throw Beacon of Light on myself. This is because there is a small amount of constant damage going around, and having to keep up 4 people is plenty. You don’t want to Beacon the tank, since he will require the most healing attention, so healing the others will not be enough to keep the tank up, and you still end up having to heal 5 party members.
Of course you have to get out of the Nova, and quickly top off people as needed, while getting close to Loken again as quickly as possible. Still, your Beacon should allow you to eat a bit of extra damage.
One of the drops is an amulet, but it has spirit and is again not ideal for a Holy paladin.

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