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Patch 3.2 Holy changes


The test realm patch notes for 3.2 have come out, so this is a great time to look at where the class may be heading in the near future. For Holy the changes are good and weird, with some nerfs thrown in for good measure.

The good news is that casting Flash of Light on a Sacred Shielded target will trigger a HoT for the amount healed by the Flash over 12 seconds. Yes, Paladins with HoTs, I love it. This will be something to keep rolling on the tank, casting FoL on them every 12 seconds. While this is nowhere near as powerful as the HoTs of the other healing classes, because it is more cumbersome, but it makes sure something is healing the tank when we are stunned and silenced.

The weird news is the change to Beacon of Light, which is planned to take into account overhealing. As Blessing of Kings rightly points out, this means it is a bad thing to cast a heal on the tank, as any heal cast on another party member will heal the tank regardless of his current health. While a major buff, it feels really awkward. I’m thinking this might get changed to 50% of overhealing going to the Beacon. This way Beaconing gives you more flexibility than currently, but it still pays to actually heal the Beacon directly.

The bad news is the nerf to mana and mana regeneration. Our Intellect through talents goes down, as Divine Intellect is giving a smaller percentage increase (2/4/6/8/10 down from 3/6/9/12/15). Illumination mana returns are halved to 30% of a spell’s mana cost. Something else that affects regeneration is not directly a Holy Paladin nerf, but Replenishment is going to be returning 20% less mana. To balance this out the mp5 stat is being improved. This means that Holy Paladins will probably focus a little less on crit rating and more on mp5 for regeneration. That said I guess Flash of Light crits will still be a cheap way to get a pretty nice HoT rolling, so crit will not be worthless.

As these are very early patch notes, things might change a lot. As I said, I expect the Beacon change not to make it through as it is, but we will see. I’m very excited about the Flash of Light HoT, and curious to see how the mana regen nerf is going to work out.

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