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Patch 3.2 Ret changes


While the Holy changes that are planned for 3.2 have some positive and negative points, the Retribution changes have me doing a funky dance routine so far. Yeah, I am crazy about these changes. I believe they will make playing Retribution more logical, more interactive and more fun.

The first major change is the removal of Seal of Blood/Martyr. So no more self-damage when dishing out pain. I am curious to see what will be our new highest dps seal. Both Seal of Corruption/Vengeance and Seal of Command are being reworked, so it will probably be one of those. But it depends on the ways Glyphs and talents like Seals of the Pure change as well. I’m guessing Command will be highest damage (although it seems Corruption might win on longer (boss) fights) which I think is kind of sad because it does not benefit from Seals of the Pure. That will be a nice talent for Ret to pick up in Holy if Seal of Corruption turns out to be competitive. I think the coolest would be if there were options depending on the type of fight.

The change that has me most excited is based on the fact that Exorcism will get a 1.5 second cast time. Because of this Art of War procs now allow instant Exorcisms next to Flashes of Light. Yeah, a dps increasing proc! That is something I have wanted since I started playing as Ret again. This really makes it we have something to look out for other than our cooldowns. It is also one less button to push in our normal rotation. On the downside Art of War will probably proc less, since it will only be triggered by melee strikes. I believe this includes Crusader Striker or Divine Storm, but definitely not judgments. One final issue is the lengthy cooldown of Exorcism, meaning some Art of War procs might be useless, but this is no different from now.

The third change that will significantly impact our playstyle is reduced cooldown and damage on Crusader Strike. The cooldown is going down to 4 seconds, and the damage is decreased to 75% of weapon damage. I haven’t done the math, but this will affect conflicting cooldowns and it gives us a button to push more often. I suppose the old priority system will stay intact, with the notion that Exorcism can only be cast on Art of War procs and we will be Crusader Striking more often.

All in all I think these changes will make the Ret spec more dynamic and less messy. I’m trying to get some PTR time myself to see how this all goes.

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