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I have never done a lot of PVP on any of my toons. While leveling I was always frustrated by the fact that you could really only do Battlegrounds every 10 or so levels. At the time they didn’t give experience anyway, and I enjoyed the PvE part of the game a lot more.  In the endgame the same thing happened, I enjoyed dungeons and raiding a lot, so I spent most of my time there. I tried equipping my hunter for PvP and played some BGs, but I spend most of my time healing on my Paladin or leveling alts. I may have hopped into Wintergrasp once or twice just to check it out, and tried healing in BGs when I got some Holy PvP gear from VoA, but that was it.

Part of the reason I’m not too fond of PvP is that I suck at it. Horribly. I’m king at getting myself killed and not doing nearly enough damage to anyone else. I did kind of stay alive as Holy in BGs , with Beacon on me, but in the end I felt I had to smash face in order to really have fun in PvP.

But now that I’ve seen a lot of the PvE content, and I find myself not having time to raid the whole of ICC (that was one of the reasons to love ToC, it doesn’t take more than one night), I figured it was time for something else. My plan is to change my off-specfrom PvE Ret to PvP Ret, keeping my Holy PvE spec for doing dungeons and the occasional raid. I have some emblems of Triumph lying around anyway to get me started, and will just do a bunch of random BGs and see where that takes me.

I plan to write some posts about how I fare, and especially how to survive in PvP if I ever manage to figure that out. Hopefully I will learn some moves, and gear up accordingly in order to start enjoying PvP more. For now, at least it gives me something else to do besides running the same dungeons every day.

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