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PvP Retribution Spec


I started my PvP journey in my normal PvE spec, just to see how it would go without spending the gold on a respec and glyphs. It worked out pretty ok, I managed to do some damage and generally be a nuisance with Repentance, taking two Arathi Basin wins.

But in order to really get going, I wanted to change my spec to a real PvP build. Now it is not horrible different from a PvE build. You still want to go all the way down to Divine Storm, which is nice when some enemies are bunched up, there are just some subtle change in the talents you pick up in Retribution.For instance I did not grab Vengeance, since it is more of a sustained dps talent.

My off-tree talents are a bit different. For PvE you might go Aura Mastery or Divine Sacrifice/Guardian. My PvE spec included Aura Mastery, but for PvP I wanted to take more of a personal survivability build. To that end I picked up the PvP talents low in the Holy and Protection trees, such as Unyielding Faith and Stoicism. Along with that I took Improved Righteous Fury for the damage reduction, since threat does not matter.

While the changes are mostly defensive, there is some offense in there with the Seals of the Pure (which was in my PvE spec, but is now used for stronger Judgments using Seal of Righteousness). Also I decided to see if Eye for an Eye is worth it. Since I end up getting critted quite a bit (thanks to my lack of PvP gear with resilience), I hope my enemies will feel at least some of my pain.

My glyphs are also aimed either at improving my Seal and Judgment damage, or my crowd control.

All this has lead me to go for the following spec, to which I will be making changes as I go along.

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