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PvP Gear: Resilience


One of the things you notice when you just start in PvP is that you die very easily. Ever wonder why a heroics boss has 900.000 hp? Because three guys hitting you with fireballs hurts. This can be quite frustrating for a new PvP player. Luckily there is an answer: resilience. Resilience does a number of things, but in general it reduces the damage you take when fighting other players. So the fireballs will hurt less, hopefully enough for you to run up to the mage and smash him with a mace.

The protection that resilience provides comes in four flavours:

  1. It reduces incoming damage from player attacks. It does this at 2% per 1% resilience.
  2. It reduces the chance you get crit by a player. This is reduced straight up by your resilience percentage.
  3. It reduces the critical strike bonus of those attacks that do crit. By 2.2% per 1% resilience.
  4. It reduces the effects of mana drains. Also by 2.2% per 1% resilience.

Now adding all these things together make you a much tougher cookie in PvP. This is why gearing up to get some resilience is very important in PvP. I have yet to grab a load of it on my gear, in order to really feel the effects. But after running a bunch of battlegrounds without resilience, I can tell you, you go down a lot faster than even some clothies.

Resilience rating converts to a percentage at 94.3 rating for 1%. PvP gear that you can get with your spare Triumph emblems gets you started with some resilience, but you want to collect a fair bit of it. Getting 20% damage reduction on a non-critting ball of flame means you have more chance to run up and beat someone to pulp.

One last thing: resilience is useless in PvE, since it only works against attacks from other players. That is why it is the most important way of distinguishing PvP gear from PvE gear. You generally do not want to wear PvP gear to a dungeon or raid, since the resilience could also be crit or strength, which is useful in those fights. Only wear resilience gear if your alternative is something like a green quest item from Borean Tundra.

Also see WoWWiki about resilience, although it may not be entirely up-to-date.

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