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Holy Power Toys For Retribution


Since Holy Power has been announced a lot of excitement has surrounded Paladins in the Cataclysm Beta. The spec that currently has the most going on with Holy Power is certainly Retribution. That is where you can currently find most of the Holy Power consuming abilities, and it has the most interaction with the new resource.

Gaining Holy Power

Crusader Strike is our main Holy Power generator, giving us a Holy Power charge each time we use it. It becomes available at level one for all specs, so we can start generating power straight away. If we get talents to bring down the cooldown to three seconds, as Ghostcrawler said we will be alternating between Crusader Strike and one other ability every time. Building up three Holy Power will be very quick, so we get easy access to our strong new attacks.

Divine Purpose is a talent that gives a 40% chance to leave up one Holy Power after using one of our dps abilities that consume Holy Power. This means one less Crusader Strike is needed to get to the maximum of three Holy Power. So we get to use our more powerful strikes sooner, and it adds some interactivity to our rotation.

Using Holy Power

Inquisition is a damage buff to our Holy damage of 30%. It lasts 10 seconds per point of Holy Power we have and consumes those points. It is probably something that needs to stay up as much as possible. So fueling it with three stacks of Holy Power gives us the most easily sustainable Inquisition buff.

Templar’s Verdict is the signature Retribution ability that you get for picking the tree at level 10. It does a percentage of weapon damage, scaling with the amount of Holy Power consumed. It is a strong single target attack and should be your primary Holy Power ability in boss fights. Templar’s Verdict also has a rather steep mana cost of 20% of base mana. This forces you to rotate in Judgements as well, to make sure you do not run out. Generally you might use this when you already have the Inquisition buff and are attacking one enemy.

Divine Storm in Cataclysm is different than it is on the live servers now. While it is still a talent, it is basically an AoE version of Templar’s Verdict. It also consumes Holy Power and scales with it and weapon damage. It still does strike multiple targets and has a (small) healing component. Since both Divine Storm and Templar’s Verdict consume your Holy Power stacks, Divine Storm will no longer be a part of single target rotations. Instead it will substitute in for Templar’s Verdict in AoE trash packs.

Word of Glory takes over from the instant Flash of Light that Art of War used to give us. It provides Ret with a healing tool that does not take a cast time, so it does not stop us from attacking, and it is also free, so it does not leave us mana starved. It does consume our Holy Power, so it is one less attack, or some time without Inquisition up. However if a heal is really needed, you will still be able to provide it. Word of Glory does not trigger Divine Purpose.

A bit of both

Zealotry is currently our final talent. It requires and consumes three stacks of Holy Power, but allows each of our Crusader Strikes to generate three instead of one Holy Power for a short while. We become very powerful during this phase, but will also burn through mana fast. It is a strong cooldown for when we need high DPS, and is an interesting one at that, rather than just buffing a stat. Expect to use this when maximum face smashing is desired.

Those are currently all the Holy Power-related abilities Retribution has access to. It is a fun new toolbox that will boost our damage in a few ways, and even gives us some healing flexibility. All in all, it looks like just what Ret needs to spice things up.

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